Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Past, Present, & Future

While wasting your time here, why not enjoy Junior Brown's Greatest HitsEdited 3/9/17, 12:35 p.m. (lousy sound on previous embed):

Past - A few things you may have missed:

The American Short Course Championships were moved to San Antonio after the UT Swim Center sprunged a danged leak.  Story here

The discovery that chlorinated water is leaking into Waller Creek has prompted the University of Texas to close the main race pool at its Jamail Texas Swimming Center, officials announced Thursday.

Meet results here

Lone Star Cup standings (as of 1/17/17) are here

via obvious plant

Glad we didn't see that before the hike...

Shocker!!  Indian River won both men's and women's NJCAA's!!!!  Results here

Gulf Swimming logo was redesigned recently:

Present - Happening now and/or this weekend:

M/W NCAA D-II real time results are here

TAGS starts tomorrow.  Projected timeline is here.  Psych sheet is here

Great piece on reducing drag via The Race Club is here.  Thanks for the heads up, DJA!

Frontal drag is the number one enemy of the swimmer. Swimming is arguably the most technique sensitive sport on the planet. With water being some 800 times denser than air, the frontal drag forces that slow swimmers down come into play at much slower speeds than all other sports on land. For that reason, in order to become fast, we must learn how to reduce frontal drag as much as possible.

Current job postings include:

Glenn HS & Cedar Park HS (Leander ISD) need head coaches.  Contact Kimberly Davies

Timber Creek HS (Keller ISD) needs a head coach.  Contact Bob Dejonge

Clear Creek ISD has several head/assistant coach openings.  Contact Debbie Fuchs

The City of McKinney needs a pool manager

Longhorn Aquatics needs an assistant coach

Anderson HS (Austin ISD) needs a head coach.  Contact Jeff Rhoads at 512-414-7958

Dallas Country Club has several head/assistant coach openings

The YMCA of North Austin needs an aquatics director

UT needs a Flex Seal technician

Swim Streamline at Northampton (SSAN) needs assistant coaches.  Contact Laura Koch Davis

Future - A little ways on down the road:

Psych sheet for Men's NCAA D-I meet is here

Women's psych sheet is here

Registration info for the April 30 ASA Cap 2k is here

Donate to the UT Men's Swimming & Diving Legacy Fund here

The first $25,000 raised in this group endowment will formally establish The University of Texas Men’s Swimming & Diving Legacy Fund. A $100,000 scholarship will be named in honor of Kris Kubik once the fund reaches $125,000. Additional monies raised will be used to create endowments in increments of $100,000.

Hall of Fame Legends Dinner is April 7th.  Info here

You're Invited to The Legends Dinner Honoring the 2017 Class of Inductees:

Kenny Armstrong, Ian Crocker, Jim Henry, Aaron Peirsol, Dee Hollar (Lifetime Achievement)
City of Midland (Wally Pryor Distinguished Team Award)

ASCA Legends of Texas clinic (March 31 - April 2) will be held at TCU.  Info here

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completelyconquered said...

Are the TAGS results all screwed up? On Meet Mobile the 1st place time is slower than the other times. On the MARS website, the PDF results for Thursday only show two swimmers or relays per event.