Saturday, February 04, 2017


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1) A few years ago, folks in Austin pressured TISCA to stop posting state meet call-ups.  TISCA failed to stand up for swimmers & coaches, so it became a job for us "rebels".

I took a couple of turns at the wheel before homelessness (AT-style) and a return to the pool deck made it impossible to continue.  Luckily, we have another swim nerd who agreed to take on the job.

This will be Scott Scofield's third year on Call-Up duty.  Please let him know how much we appreciate his work.

Coaches, please email your results files to Scott ASAP!

He'll post his lists here

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2) Coaches & Sponsors - When choosing your Region COTY, please avoid the "voting block" mentality some multi-school districts push.  It's your vote, not your school district's.

Also, maybe you should cast your ballot for the coach who did the most with his/her program.  Sometimes that's the guy/gal whose team destroyed the competition.  Other times, it's a coach whose squad overachieved, but still ended up back in the pack.

Don't tell me I'm "throwing away my vote" when I select someone who's done the best coaching job and not the sponsor who filled out the bus request and ordered the Whataburgers...


Robert Kelly said...

BOB: So true. Many times I have seen over the years that it goes to the coach that won (swimming) or the diving coach whose diver won (even though they do not coach the diver). I have also seen coaches sit around and discuss pooling their votes so two coaches can tie and both receive the award. What is comical is one year, a certain school's coach won both awards (girls and boys) and he one had the divers workout at HS practice twice a week for 30 minutes, then sent them to their club diving coach. After the meet, his two divers were eating with our divers and the the parents (and divers) of the coach won was "given" the awards stated he did not deserve them , as he did nothing for to earn them. They further stated that my wife was the only real HS diving coach on the deck and she should have received the awards. We felt honored by their statement and said "thank you" but it goes to show how athletes and parents do see through all the smoke and mirror of some of our fellow coaches (and I use that term lightly). Another one that gets me is the coach that allows his/her HS swimmers to do "token" HS workouts, send them to club so they can bust the 8-hours rule, wins the district or regional meet, get the award and then states, "look how good we did and non-so-humbly" accepts the COTY award.

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Bay City region Bob? If so Foster HS has 3 total club kids on the team. And WE do not stop at Whataburger after meets.

Scott Slay
Foster Aquatics

Button said...


Don't know why you think I was referring to you. Y'all did a great job and earned your honors.

Maybe you've been fortunate and not had sponsors masquerading as coaches voting that way.


Anonymous said...

Sorry should not have jumped to conclusions.

Scott Slay