Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rule Book Help

Hoping someone can tell me where in the NFHS Swim/Dive rule book it says:

"In championship meets held in counties
beginning with the letter "V", there
shall be at least two (2) acts of idiocy."

I know we're not having any trouble meeting that quota down here!


Swimmer "A" reports to 200 i.m. awards ceremony, but isn't recognized.

Since results posting is lagging, we finally notice a "DQ".  When I ask the meet officials why we (swimmer &/or coach) weren't informed of the disqualification, one said - with a straight face - "We don't do that."

Yes, I promptly lost my mind*.

When asked what planet he was on, official stuttered, stammered, and eventually concluded "This one."

I explained that I'd never been at a meet - high school, college, club, summer league - where an official didn't at least let a swimmer or coach know about an infraction.

When I asked that the meet committee be called, I got:

That likely meant that either a) no meet committee had been selected, or b) they didn't know what a meet committee was.

Surely it wasn't "b", right?  I mean, I remember being asked to be on one the last time I was at a meet there!

So, rather than call their "meet committee", they decided that - at least for the remainder of the meet - any disqualifications would be communicated to swimmers &/or coaches.

No, a thank you wasn't in order.  See the 12/11/16 quote by Addison here


This one's on the coaches...I mean sponsors.

Of the tiny number of divers in our district, we had a guy who'd started out at the bottom.  Our diving coach brought him along and he won our district championship by 20 points.

He was recognized as our district Diver of the Year.

Instead of selecting his coach as COTY, our sponsors instead gave that honor to the sponsor of the second place boy...who's still working on completing an eleven dive list...

*no cursing or yelling, just pointed questions & statements


Deer Slayer said...

I feel your pain.

Lion King said...

I'm reminded of this comment to henchman Otis by Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor character in the 1978 Superman movie: "It's amazing [those] brain[s] can generate enough power to keep those legs moving." (Feel free to edit as needed to apply to the meet admins. You're welcome.)

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Robert Kelly said...

BOB: I have seen this happen many times concerning COTY.