Saturday, November 19, 2016

Long Pause

Went without posting for almost a month.  Gotta admit, it was nice.

Today, I'll ease back into the bloggin' - but only when I'm not busy with other projects (switch switchin', gun cleanin', vent fixin', etc.) that need tendin' to.


Let's assume positions posted more than a couple of weeks ago have either been filled or are about to be.

Here are the more recent postings:

Sienna Plantation Aquatics (SPA) needs an assistant coach

The Katy Main Street YMCA needs a youth development director - aquatics

The Garland Family YMCA needs an aquatics coordinator

The Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA needs a sports & aquatics director

The University of Houston needs an aquatics programs coordinator

The City of Austin needs an aquatic recreation programs specialist

The YMCA of the Highland Lakes needs a head coach

The City of Amarillo needs an aquatics supervisor

The City of Lancaster needs an aquatics supervisor

One more thing:

Am wondering how a blog that hasn't been updated in weeks is still averaging 300+ page views per day.

Could it be y'all are just visiting for the links?  Knowing how pathetic the posts are, that's likely!

If that's the case, would you please let me know if/when you find a "dead" one?

I don't have time to check them all on a regular basis, so please send me an email when one takes you "nowhere".

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