Saturday, September 24, 2016


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The Texas high school swim coaches' TISCA clinic was interesting.

USC's David Salo did a nice job as our headliner.  Fun guy who likes to keep things interesting for his athletes.  Follow him on Twitter

Welcome to new president Greg McLain .  Greg will be a great communicator.  He's respected and will work hard for our athletes and coaches.  I doubt he'll do a mic drop when his term ends.

His first big task will be trying to recover lost info that went off into the ether when our old TISCA website went kaput.  If you have files from past district, region, and state meets, please email him to see what he still needs.

So far, the new TeamUnify site isn't very popular with the coaches.

Does anyone have a copy of our constitution and/or bylaws?  Also, I must have missed the treasurer's report.  Would it be possible to start paying for space up in that there cloud thingy so we don't lose everything...again?

Anyone interested in starting up a junior high program should contact Mike Waldmann.  He shared some great info in Austin last weekend.  His middle school program out in Andrews has really taken off!

Garland ISD's natatorium is still on hold.

The full bond package was passed by the school board in 2014. Plans for the swim center were drawn up, and after long negotiations a price tag of $27.5 million was agreed on. The swim center package and plans were presented to the school board last Tuesday for final approval. But in a surprising reversal, the board voted it down 4-3.

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The Moody Family YMCA needs an aquatics coordinator

Plano's Seth Stubblefield was featured in a USA Swimming piece.  Read that here

“What a humbling, rewarding, and, at times, convicting experience,” he said. “All I can say is getting third at Trials isn’t a big deal. I’ve met some very special kids who are dealing with things most of us can’t possibly imagine, and it really makes you evaluate your priorities, as well as take a good look at your heart.”

Eddie Reese will be coaching grandson Luke Bowman next year.  Read more here

“I am excited to attend a great university and swim for a legendary program and coach. This has been a dream of mine since I started swimming, and I know that there is no better group of swimmers and coaches that will push me to work hard and get faster. I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.”

Nice write-up on AT record-breaker Karl Meltzer is here

Speaking by phone from Atlanta two days after finishing the trail, Metlzer said his legs were tired. “Deep fatigue,” he called it, and said that it would take three to four months for his body to recover. He needs to recharge mentally, too; there were dark days on the trail, especially in Virginia, when getting up every morning before dawn and knowing he had to run over forty miles seemed like a Sisyphean task.

Anyone seen Joe Bernal lately?  Bernal's dropped out of sight since the Harvard/Gators thing blew up.

How about George Gibney?  The former IASA coach is being hounded by Irv Muchnick.  The latest on Gibney is here

Gibney made a US visa application in 1992 and following the collapse of the case, which was not appealed by the DPP. He then fled Ireland, first to Scotland and then to the USA. Having moved through a number of states, Gibney now lives in Florida. 

UNT's Pentathlon (recap)

UTPB/TCU (recap)

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CSCAA Open Water Nationals

Rice's Hanna Huston finished fourth, helping dad Seth's squad to a second-place team finish.  More here

The Longhorn men's annual Orange/White intrasquad meet (September 30) just isn't going to be the same without retired assistant coach Kris Kubik.  A Texas legend...


Greg said...

Hey Bob, thanks for the kind words. It's a very humbling position. I'm working on getting our latest version of the Constitution and ByLaws on the site. Should be up soon.

- Greg

Anonymous said...

Great for the lady Owls, where are the guys? Not Seth's problem, team was Title IX'd long before he got there. GO OWLS but add the other half of the team. We have become a nation obsessed with group rights instead of individual rights. Why does a qualified male student not have an opportunity to compete at Rice (or Houston, Tulane, North Texas, Arkansas, you fill in the blank)?