Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bull & More Bull

Get the hook out.

Get a picture.

Then release!  Easy as 1, 2, 4!*

Yes, Leon's a big Donald Trump supporter.  What gets me about conservatives who are anti-Trump is this:

Y'all have complained - for 7+ years - that Obama is the worst president ever.  Now y'all act like the world will come to an end if Donnie ends up in the White House.  Where's the logic in that?  Ask yourselves how he can possibly be worse than what you've had.

Y'all ain't here fer poly-ticks now, is ya?  Yer here fer jobs, right?!?!  Here's what's new since the last jobs post a couple of weeks ago:

JCC of Austin needs a head coach and an assistant coach

Eisenhower HS needs a swim coach

The City of Mesquite needs a swim coach

Nitro is looking for assistant coaches

Texas City HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Leland Surovik at 409-916-0146

Fulshear HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Oschlor Flemming at 832-223-0151

Clear Brook HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Michael Allison at 281-284-2160

McKinney HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Jeffrey Smith at 469-302-5959

Tyler needs a high school/club coach

The City of San Angelo needs an assistant pool manager

The South Montgomery Family YMCA needs a youth development senior director - aquatics

BTA needs assistant coaches

ESA needs a head age group coach

The YMCA of Highland Lakes needs a pool manager

The City of Austin needs an aquatic recreation program coordinator

Liberty Christian School (Argyle) needs a swim coach

Heat/Psych sheets for USMS Short Course Nationals are here

YMCA Masters Nationals results are here

Belton's Savannah Henry (daughter of Patrick & Wendy) recently signed with Southern Illinois University.  Read more here and here.

“It means I get four more years of doing what I’m really passionate about doing and what I spend so much time doing,” Henry said of signing with the Salukis. “I have some family ties there but also it’s a great school with a great team that’s on the rise and working hard and it’s something I wanted to be a part of.”

*That's what I tell kids learning relay starts.  Swing, step, and go - it's as easy as 1, 2, 4!  One or two get it...


rwrsa said...

Very good!

Deer Slayer said...

That may be a lot of bull even for Leon.... Great photos.