Monday, March 07, 2016

USA Swimming to Hammer NITRO Coach

Swimming World is reporting that (now former) Nitro coach Tim O'Brien will be added to USA Swimming's "Banned for Life" list.  Read more here

Unfortunately, this is going to be a huge story.  If you don't already follow Swimming World on Twitter, it's time you started...


completelyconquered said...

Another 5 star rated head coach bites the dust. I have no clue what happened here, but I always had pleasant dealings with Tim.

Kevin Murphy said...

Best advice I ever got from a Public School Athletic Director when hired for my very first Teacher/Head HS Swim Coach job.......

"You are only the swim coach, we don't care if you win, just don't mess with the girls, don't mess with the boys, and don't mess with the money. If you can do those three things you can have this job as long as you like"

Always discouraging and disconcerting when our swim coaches run into trouble.
It reflects poorly on all of us, even if we are not at fault in any way.
It seems that every 15th article on Swim Swam is detailing another swim coach that has gotten in trouble.

I have always have felt blessed to have God watching over me, guiding me, and protecting me. The other rule I have always followed: I was told to NEVER be alone with a student/swimmer at any time, and maintain a professional distance at all times.

Treat the kids as if they were your own son or daughter, and as you would want your son or daughter to be treated by another teacher or coach, and you can't go wrong.

Finally, my Dad told me, "Join the Union to protect yourself from any type of lies or manipulations"

A good set of advice for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately USA Swimming has taken the laws into their own hands... And this Union only has the swimmers best interest in mind. Have little girls/boys ever lied before? I'm not saying Tim is innocent nor that he didn't do anything wrong, but USA Swimming is losing credibility fast by being above the law.

I know of coaches... Not one, but multiple coaches who have been put in a situation of his/her word vs the athlete and every time USA Swimming just took the athletes word over the coaches'. No real evidence either way, nobody to prove or disprove either story, just the coaches word against the athletes'... Coaches who were also given the same advice as you, coach Murphy. People who lived morally ethical lives. These are coaches who HAD flawless coaching records/history for over 30 years! Do you know what happens in the court of law when there is no evidence or proof of guilt... Not what happens in a USA swimming case.

My parents taught me right from wrong too, but all it takes is one accusation by a little brat who is having a bad day. From that point, coaches are guilty until proven innocent. And coaches don't make enough to hire the big attorney to take on the big, bad USA Swimming, so they are at the mercy of USA Swimming and what they want to do to you.

The child molesters must be dealt with, they have no place on a pool deck... But this "union" is only there to protect the first person to complain. Look at the suspended coaches list... A lot of people on that list for things not related to child molestation. Hell, there are people on that list for touching athletes to give them stroke instruction, for giving kids innocent kisses on top of the head after they raced (the guy did it for about 3 decades before he was suspended - he was like a grandfather to the kids), for dui's, for domestic violence CHARGES (not yet found guilty by the court of law)...

It doesn't reflect badly on us, it reflects badly on them. I know I don't lump myself in with the pervs of the world.

Just sayin...

Linda Bramblett said...

Why be anonymous?

What happened, per most accounts, is just yet another case of Male coaches who can't control themselves.

I don't know how long ago this was posted, but, there have been just WAY TOO MANY coaches in USA Swimming with this happening.