Friday, September 19, 2014

Why no 2015 Call-Ups Post?

I won't be posting an unofficial call-up list in 2015 because I'll be busy with another project.

I've re-retired and am in the process of prepping for a 2015 Appalachian Trail Northbound Thru-Hike.

Doctor & wife have both given me permission.  Leon seems fine with it, as he'll be able to park his not-so-gently used truck (nicknamed White Trash) and drive mine while I'm gone.

Along with trying to complete a few long-overdue projects, I'm using this fall/winter to prep for The Green Tunnel.

AT thru-hike prep means getting in shape, ordering/trying out gear, putting together reasonable schedule, lining up mail drop boxes (Pop Tarts & Peanut Butter?), and soliciting advice from other 50+/vegetarian/early-start thru-hikers.  Turns out there are plenty of each category out there and they're very willing to share the ups and downs (puns intended) they've experienced.

(via Reed's AT Adventure)

Solid preparation and staying healthy along the trail should give me a reasonable shot at completing the journey.  Only one in four who attempt it actually make it...and I really want to be that one...


Bill Brown said...

A point of clarification on this announcement. Which route?
A) Traditional Appalachian Trail
B) Mark Sanford Route

Button said...

haw, haw, haw! a, of course! staying in north america!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for accomplishing your goal!