Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That Danged Green Tunnel's Callin'

SUNY Fredonia assistant Rob Sweeny completed his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail last week.  More here.

Sweeny said his worst moment, to that point, was the snowstorm they encountered while hiking up Big Bald Montain, a peak of 5,516 feet near Irwin, Tenn. He said he constantly had to filter his water and had seen a few rattlers but more bears along the Trail. He said he constantly has to check for tics, especially in his beard.

He said the best moment then was "watching spring happen" as he traveled north, including the gradual emergence of a green tunnel of foliage through which they hiked.

Thanks for the head's up, Big Weights!


Lion King said...

Ticks in the beard. Bummer.

Lion King said...

Unless it was really just tics. Then some wine should help.

Lion King said...

The math says 5 months. You really up for that? 14 miles a day. Seems 146 days is a bit long. What's average/slow/fast?

Button said...

very slow going early and late due to terrain. bigger mile days are in middle. hoping for five months, but allowing for six. plenty of prep to do before.