Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Title IX: How a Good Law Went Terribly Wrong

How did an honorable equity law turn into a scorched-earth campaign against men’s sports?

Read entire Christina Hoff Sommers article here.

The original law was about equality of opportunity and indeed forbade quotas or reverse discrimination schemes. But over the years, government officials, college administrators and jurists — spurred on by groups like the National Women’s Law Center and the Women’s Sports Foundation — transformed a fair-minded equity law into just such a quota-driven regime, with destructive results.

(via Maclean's)

Instead of more investigations, restrictions, closed opportunities, bean counting, number fudging and gender politics, we should follow the advice of the novelist (and former wrestler) John Irving: “Keep Title IX: eliminate proportionality.” I can think of no better way to celebrate this intrinsically good law on its 42nd anniversary.

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Thanks for posting. She's preaching to the choir.