Monday, December 02, 2013

Over the Break:

No more 200 fly for this guy:

Ricky Berens announced his re-retirement.  Read more here.

The Aggies took over the top spot in the CSCAA D-I women's poll.  More hereTexas is ranked 9th and SMU is tied at 25th.

USA Swimming Short Course Nationals this week:

Psych Sheet

Real Time Results (start Thursday)

We all know how our favorite official Bill Brown likes to "squeeze off a few rounds" when he spots a rolling start, right?

He's got to be disappointed to learn the anti-gun lobby finally got NCAA swimming in the crosshairs.

From the NCAA's Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving rule book:

Rule 2, Section 1, Article 1:  ...The use of a pistol shot is not permitted.


Bill Brown said...

Hey! I fired a round for every swimmer when they surfaced. It was all about balanced officiating. ;-)

Deer Slayer said...

Is that a 2nd ammendment right violation or title IX?? I get them confused.