Monday, September 09, 2013

Bowman Speaks on Lowenthal Tragedy

Read this important article at Swim Vortex.

(via explore baltimore county)

These incidents take the lives of outstanding swimmers.

Coaches, keep a close eye on your athletes when doing breath control work.

Swimmers, avoid trying to one-up each other in underwater distance contests.


Anonymous said...

Every coach should view the video.

Chris L said...

I've seen a young teenage club swimmer who decided to out macho my son black out and almost drown doing lengthy underwaters without breathing. I've also seen a coach, who should know a lot better, try to be macho and do a hundred fly at an open meet without breathing - same result. I helped pull each one out of the pool and administered CPR. That is something I never want to see or do again - it just ain't worth it folks and is a stupid way to train.