Monday, June 03, 2013

About as random as it gets:

Erasers:  Before & After

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Deer Slayer wonders why Jack Conger's 4:13.87 isn't among the national high school records that were recently updated.  No, it wasn't a miscounted 450.  No, it wasn't wind-aided.  Anyone?

Posted pic of trashed out tornado hunter SUV the other day.  All occupants walked away from that near-disaster, but several other tornado hunters were killed in the same outbreak.  Didn't want anyone to think I was making light of those losses, so took SUV pic down.  No complaints from anyone, but still saying sorry if anyone was offended.

Here's a pretty neat fundraising site DJA put us onto.  Visit YouCaring here.

In case you're interested in the original hush money deal between Rick Curl and the Davies family, view it here.

"Jeah" FAIL:

Since Leon doesn't read this site anymore, it's probably safe to share this:


Lion King said...

Re Conger's 500fr: Are you talking about NFHS records?

Lion King said...

Re: Conger 500 fr national record

NISCA has received an All American application for the time, but no application for a National Record has been submitted. They are separate applications. It would be nice if the coach who submitted the AA app would also submit a Nat Rec app.

Just sayin'.

Lion King said...

Re: Conger again

The 4:13.87 IS listed on

Button said...

so it's the nisca page that needs the update?

ntswim1 said...

NISCA requires the pool where the record is set be measured and certified. Not that easy to have done. Especially if the record was set at a pool that is not willing to go through the trouble and expense. Here in the Land of Lincoln and poor bond ratings we are lucky that our high school meets are held in high school facilities. Both of which have been willing to absorb the cost of certified. When we had our pool measured we had to drop the water level 2 feet and have a surveyor come in with laser equipment to take the measurement in every lane. The pool had to be up and running the next day for polo. Cost about $600 for the surveyor and who knows how much in overtime, chemicals and water. We have had several national records set in the two pools over the last 5 years. Oh, yeah and both pools are incredibly slow, most especially the pool just north of Chicago, which is Stone Age slow. So not THAT lucky. Enough complaining. For the NFHS application you could swim it anywhere and check the box that it was a 25 yard pool and it is AOK with them. That could be why they haven't submitted an NISCA application yet. Happy ours is certified, not bad for a pool built in 1936 and updated in 1987 -passed with flying colors. Can't say I wasn't worried about though.