Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Correction & Apology

I recently compared a site to a checkout stand gossip mag.

I sincerely apologize to Braden Keith and SwimSwam for calling them the National Enquirer of swimming.

I caught a lot of flack for that one - mostly from the folks at the Enquirer.

If you hunt a little (and click on the link), you'll find they're something else entirely.

Thanks to the Speed Endurance Swimming Blog for setting the record straight.

I'm a Ryan Lochte fan, so it pains me to post this:

Despite this, the media/hype machine had already been programmed before London to turn Lochte into a mainstream star and as a result we have had Ryan Lochte appearances coming out of our ears. Post-Olympics, Ryan Lochte is undoubtedly a star... but more a star of TMZ.

Back to the main point:

Turns out, SwimSwam's actually the TMZ of swimming...

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Lion King said...

TMZ has viewers. Questionable taste and intelligence, I know.

Does SwimFlam have readers?