Friday, September 24, 2010

The Truth About Title IX: Pass it On!

Regular readers of this wonderful site - a.k.a. The Dirty Two Dozen - are already well-versed when it comes to the unintended consequences of Title IX.

You know all about roster caps and program cuts and the damage they've caused to sports like swimming, wrestling, and gymnastics.

Today, the Boston Globe has an article that you should pass along to the rest of the world

That's right, there are millions of folks out there that don't have a clue about "proportionality" and the damage it's done to men's athletics.

Read College Dropouts Increase here.

“Every April, you hear about the spring slaughter,’’ said Minnesota men’s gymnastics coach Mike Burns, whose program is one of 17 remaining in a sport that numbered 124 in 1972.

April? How about the gutless administrators who drop the "your program is cut" bomb in May, when the campus is emptying out for the summer?

So most schools have stayed in compliance by adding numbers-rich women’s sports such as rowing (with its average squad size of 50), soccer (25) and lacrosse (23) to help balance football (103) and by focusing on roster management, capping the size of men’s teams while increasing women’s.

“That’s what they’ve been doing for 15-20 years to avoid cutting sports,’’ said Pearson. “They put quotas on the men’s teams and inflate the women’s rosters.’’

The truth about Title IX...pass it on...


Deidre said...

The article ends with a quote saying that it is the ECONOMY that is fueling this, not necessarily Title IX. Unfortunately, the reporter didn't go into it but we suspect that it's because boosters are unable to give as much. many football scholarships are there at Texas? I'm betting that if they gave up a few of those, the swim team could split them up and make the team work.

Button said...

funny one.

since we're gambling, i'm betting that texas is fully funding their swim program already. in austin, football is football and swimming is swimming.

however, at programs like cincy's, yanking men's funding so they can afford to keep that fourth string punter doesn't make a lick of sense...