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First off, Site Meter shows that many of y'all are Googling Joseph Stanton and ending up here. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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He's fighting a very tough battle. His family's support and faith are truly inspiring. Folks from all over the world are praying for Joseph.

Won't you join them?

Was a bit of a Green Hornet fan as a kid. Movie is due out in early 2011. If you've ever gotten a red light camera ticket, you'll probably enjoy this trailer more than the rest of us:

You've probably heard about the former NCAA athletes don't want their images used without being compensated, right? No? Read about it here and here.

The association’s rule-making process “tends to produce very complicated legislation,” Mr. Katz told a roomful of a dozen or so athletics compliance officials. “That is just a lawyer’s paradise. That is what the lawyers are looking for, is contradictions.”

And he predicted that athletes’ images or likenesses used in video games without the players receiving a cut of the profits would not sit well in a courtroom. “You think a jury’s going to look at that and say, It’s just a coincidence, its just amateurism, it’s not a problem that [the athlete] didn’t get a red cent out of this, but the NCAA was paid tens of millions of dollars?” Mr. Katz asked.

“There really is a new sheriff in town,” he continued, “and either the NCAA will change or outside entities like the courts will change the NCAA.”

I'm not much of a golfer. Actually, that's a huge understatement. I'm a truly horrible golfer. The point? Oh yeah, the point. If you play and are in the DFW area, try Tangle Ridge. It's a pretty nice course. Junior and I didn't do all that much damage to it yesterday...

Coaching outdoors? Have any smart-alec kids with mirrored goggles? Don't you hate it when they aim their heads so they reflect the sunlight in your eyes? Danged kids! What? Masters swimmers do it too?

Sleeeeeeep - are you getting enough? Visit Mashable to read about ten iPhone apps that could help you get more. Also at Mashable is a funny little short for the nerd crowd. It's a bit too much for me to embed, so a link to the post is here. Remember, hate mail to Mashable.

Here's a cool little clip of Chloe Sutton sprinting to the front at this year's open water champs. Thanks Athlete Village:

I honstly like this video supporting Title IX. This is what Title IX was supposed to be used for. Too bad Title IX became a quota system...

via Athletic Women Blog

Recent college grad? Looking for work? Forbes has compiled a list of companies that are hiring recent college graduates. Start here and keep clicking "next" to see all ten.

via xkcd

Since all athletic departments have more than enough money to go around, this probably won't interest anyone. Huh? Y'all need more money? A short piece with a few tips is here.

Read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ending Poverty here.

Whatever becomes of Romer’s movement, it is going to be interesting. His thinking taps into so many currents of our era—an era in which millions of migrants embrace his vote-with-your feet vision; in which the old faith in democratic development is questioned; and in which globalization scrambles settled notions of who rules what where. On one side, critics will be scathing: Elliott Sclar, the Columbia professor, warns, “Charter cities amount to a new form of colonialism, and that’s the last thing we need right now.” On the other side, adherents will cheer eagerly: charter cities are “one of the best ideas that anybody in development ever had,” according to Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development, a think tank in Washington, D.C. And throughout these debates, it will be hard not to sympathize with Romer’s plea for fresh thinking. Charter cities face plenty of obstacles, and I could have written an article that dwelt exclusively on them. But when African teenagers do their homework under streetlights, isn’t Romer right to think the unthinkable?

Oceans in danger:

The All Time Top 50 has been updated. 4A is here. 5A is here. Contact Ronnie Rogers with errors/ommissions.

You feel like talking to someone who knows the difference between right and wrong:

Rice Junior

BEAT Valero

McAllen Unclassified

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