Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to War

Remember that report from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights a couple of weeks ago? That non-partisan report recommended surveys to prove Title IX compliance rather than using proportionality.

No? Catch up here.

Seems the Obama administration is doing exactly the opposite of what the commission suggested and will instead step up their witch hunt as they search for schools out of compliance.

Look for many more men's athletics teams to bite the dust over the next three years as the liberal lawyers have a field day with this one.

Got the heads up via Saving Sports.

Read about it in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a law professor and senior director for advocacy with the Women's Sports Foundation, said female participation in sports is the most effective remedy against obesity and leads to more education and better employment prospects.

"That's why all of this is so important," she said.

No, Nancy, that's not why this is so important.

Now, with the full support of the jackasses in Washington, D.C., folks like Hogshead-Makar can continue to win judgements throughout the land. All they need to do is find one disgruntled coach/athlete in an otherwise happy athletic department and away they'll go.

It's for the money - that's why all of this is so important...

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