Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gotta Love the Double Standard

Fewer males are going to college these days. Undergraduate women outnumber men. No arguing that, is there?


Proportionality became a dirty word in college athletics. It meant cuts in funding, roster caps, and dropped programs for men's athletics.

Since interest in college athletics is higher among males, proportionality just doesn't make sense.

Okay, back to the point:

Rather than attend college, many young men are now opting for military or trade careers. Some end up in prison.

Others move into their parents' basement and split time between gaming and updating Wikipedia.

What should universities do about the crisis of dropping male enrollment?

Shouldn't Title IX compliance watchdogs demand immediate action to limit female college admission?

Shouldn't schools impose quotas to give males an advantage in the admission process?

Leslie Brueckner, a lawyer with Public Justice, told Inside Higher Education that “Women should not be made to pay the price for the fact that fewer men are interested in seeking higher education.

Of course, men should be made to pay the price for the fact that fewer women are interested in participating in college athletics...

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