Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Deer Slayer said...

Good thing they had pfds and helmets on. PIDA may want an investigation on why the dog was not protected.

Lion King said...

C'mon, Deerslayer, cut some slack here. You can't be too careful these days, or you might get sued by someone. Why else would we need the same number of lifeguards for a SWIM MEET as we do for a rec pool full of questionable or NON-swimmers? Why do we put seatbelts on schoolbuses where the drivers can't monitor their use or even SEE the kids with those high-back seats?

And don't get me started again on the McDonald's coffee cup and HOT APPLE PIE warning labels.

Makes me wonder, though... Why aren't there "TOOTH DAMAGE MAY OCCUR!!!" warnings on beer bottlecaps in College Station???

Deer Slayer said...

Ouch, and I guess I should have put PEDA. I'm just not that familiar with radical left-wing kook organizations.