Monday, May 18, 2009


I was stunned to read Tony Austin's take on Katie Hoff and Ryan Lochte. In yesterday's post on his SCAQ site, he ripped into both. Read more here.

Katie Hoff - you are swimming 1976 times in the 200 free. Sippy Woodhead, circa 1979, would have kicked your butt in her low-tech, Lycra suit.

Ryan Lochte: It "smells" like you are over training. (Garbage yardage has an odor, right?) You changed something and it is not working.

I doubt that either rested a whole lot for the Charlotte UltraSwim.

It's likely that Ryan was putting in some serious training during the meet as well.

To suggest that he should change coaches (there aren't many better combinations than Gregg Troy/Steve Lochte) is ridiculous!

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