Tuesday, May 06, 2008

From Anecdotes to Mythology

Yes, I'm stirred up again.

First, it was Diana Nyad and her "anecdotes" comment.

This time it's Penn State's Marie Hardin that's poured gasoline on the fire.

On her blog, Sports, Media & Society, she posted a piece about Title IX.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still misunderstood: Title IX at 35

I've written before about media coverage of Title IX, and here's another study of interest to women's sports advocates: An analysis of editorials in the nation's major newspapers shows that "men as victims" mythology lives on even in arguments that generally support the law. It's the "we know women should have equal rights in theory, but ...." line of reasoning -- which can be used to ultimately justify inequity.

I wrote a comment that hasn't yet made it onto the post. In case it's never made public, here it is:

as a swimmer, coach, and father of sons who swim, i've seen first-hand the damage that title ix has caused in our sport.

to claim that it's "mythology" is a tremendous insult.

title ix activists have used spin, intimidation, as well as fudged statistics to hide the fact that title ix enforcement is wiping out men's sports.

thanks to title ix, more women have had opportunities in athletics than in the past. that's what it's supposed to be all about.

those who've had children may soon begin to look at it from a different angle, though.

many of their sons won't have the same opportunities to participate in collegiate athletics.

hardly a myth...more like a sad truth.

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