Monday, February 18, 2008

BCHS Alumni

For you Blackcat alumni that read Texas Swimming, a couple of old school records have been broken. Both 200 free relay records fell at the region meet. They should go faster in Austin.

Girls' 200 Free Relay

1995 - 1:44.44 (Kristie Fortner, Stephanie Nauman, Lacie Pryor*, Mandy Smith)

2008 - 1:44.34 (Kaitlin Brangan, Regan Law, Danielle Wolfe, Kara Griffith)

Boys' 200 Free Relay

2000 - 1:33.79 (Adam Sneary, Mark Sardelich, Derek Cumbie, Kyle Cumbie)

2008 - 1:33.40 (Bobby Button, Blaine Ross, Ryan Ewton, Leon Button)

*"Pistolwhip" Pryor should celebrate her seventh birthday later this month. You figure it out.


xnluswimr said...

nice job guys! Good luck in Austin!

Stone Cold Button said...

you guys (fleniken, hill, alkov, & tanguma) are now 3rd with a 1:33.99 - swum in an outdoor home dual meet in december.

xnluswimr said...

yea, i don't know why we never swam that relay. Maybe because none of us could really swim the 50? I remember it was cold and drizzly when we set it. not to mention, blake wasn't even on it... Good times!

It's good to see those guy breaking records.