Monday, February 18, 2008

BCHS Alumni

For you Blackcat alumni that read Texas Swimming, a couple of old school records have been broken. Both 200 free relay records fell at the region meet. They should go faster in Austin.

Girls' 200 Free Relay

1995 - 1:44.44 (Kristie Fortner, Stephanie Nauman, Lacie Pryor*, Mandy Smith)

2008 - 1:44.34 (Kaitlin Brangan, Regan Law, Danielle Wolfe, Kara Griffith)

Boys' 200 Free Relay

2000 - 1:33.79 (Adam Sneary, Mark Sardelich, Derek Cumbie, Kyle Cumbie)

2008 - 1:33.40 (Bobby Button, Blaine Ross, Ryan Ewton, Leon Button)

*"Pistolwhip" Pryor should celebrate her seventh birthday later this month. You figure it out.


Anonymous said...

nice job guys! Good luck in Austin!

Button said...

you guys (fleniken, hill, alkov, & tanguma) are now 3rd with a 1:33.99 - swum in an outdoor home dual meet in december.

Anonymous said...

yea, i don't know why we never swam that relay. Maybe because none of us could really swim the 50? I remember it was cold and drizzly when we set it. not to mention, blake wasn't even on it... Good times!

It's good to see those guy breaking records.