Thursday, April 26, 2007

From this morning's Matagorda Advocate:

Earlier this week the Advocate had a headline in which Victoria's head football coach & athletic director's name was misspelled. Thought it was a little funny. Lousy editing didn't catch it. Today's Advocate has this on page 5F:

Two shits are fired in home

Officers responded to a residence at the 2800 block of Park Avenue on Monday afternoon...

That's really crappy editing...


Button said...

how about some alternative headlines?

"trip to taco bell ends badly for duo"

Anonymous said...

if the AD and coach lost their jobs, received the notice of the "release" in their domiciles, and people REALLY didn't like them, it would have been a good headline the first time!

alternatively, if shots are fired in a home, it may be there are some little brown spots created anyway.

Button said...

"couple's pottery hobby turns ugly"

"pair learns of termination by phone"

"experimental weapon uses unusual ammunition"