Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Call-Ups by Region

2010 4A

Region # - Girls/Boys/Total

I - 0/1/1
II - 2/3/5
III - 34/25/59
IV - 4/5/9
V - 32/25/57
VI - 7/2/9
VII - 9/23/32
VIII - 0/4/4

2009 4A numbers are here.

2010 5A

Region # - Girls/Boys/Total

I - 0/0/0
II - 21/18/39
III - 0/0/0
IV - 23/42/65
V - 13/19/32
VI - 5/0/5
VII - 26/9/35
VIII - 0/0/0

2009 5A numbers are here.


Lion King said...

Numbers don't lie. Well, OK, sometimes they do, if they're statistics, but that's another book.

Seems very telling that the greatest number of 5A callups (97%) are from Regions 4, 2, 7, and 5 (in that order), and almost all (84%) the 4A callups from 3, 5, and 7.

Girls and boys numbers are telling, too:

In 4A, more G than B in 3 and 5 (almost mirroring each other), but more B than G in 7.

In 5A, many more G than B in 7, relatively even (but flip-flopped) in 2 and 5, and many more B than G in 4.

I wish someone with much more club/school knowledge and insight, and even STATISTICS, could explain these numbers better for me.

And I wonder if we're not doing enough right.

I was informed that Mark Onstott's New Trier HS (IL) -JV- boys went 1:25 in the sprint relay at the JV Champs up there. JV. 1:25.

Is there an advantage to a 14-week season? There sure is an advantage to not having an 8-hour rule, but they don't abuse it, probably train fewer hours than our kids in TX with combined school/club training (concurrent club training not allowed in IL during HS seasons).

I think someone with the proper analytical background (not "theorification" by us less-than-PhD types) might do all of us a service by "thinking on it" a bit.

What say you all?

Button said...

last year's 5a post on call-ups by region generated plenty of comments. i don't expect this year to be any different.

variables this year include longer meets (consols added), weather delays, and tech suit ban.

did they make a difference? if so, how much of a difference?

we know club swimming has a major impact on these numbers. will we see year-round club swimming grow in weaker regions?

texasrocxs said...

club swimming will depend on pool space and enough interest at the younger levels in the weaker regions.

Club swimming is a double-edged sword too. Selfish club coaches who don't care about HS and did not allow the kids to taper for regionals. You can see that from longhorn and COPS swimmers and it really hurt westlake, bowie Plano and Plano west. Probably took a state championship away from the plano boys. They will go faster at state but many that had times from earlier this year that would of made it didn't.

texasrocks said...

Illinois like many other states have cut times to go to state which also allows for faster times at state. They train pretty hard in illinois HS and swim as much as our kids on club do.

#9 Boys 200 Yard Free Relay Junior Varsity

1 NTRIE A 1:26.85
Chan, Phillip SR Tao, David FR
McClone, Matt SR Schriesheim, David FR
22.00 22.01 21.86 20.98

texasrocks said...

What they really need to do here is to have the regional winner go to state automatically like the do in illinois and then have a cut time. though they would probably make people just as happy if they called up 24. Other states can do this since they have seperate girls and boys state meets, thus the meet is not so long even if you have four heats. You could have 4a and 5a in a different location UT and A&M to further reduce the logistics issues. If you do this you could run girls in morning and guys in afternoon then swap every other year.

Anonymous said...

and amen to this:

Lion King said...

I did not exercise due diligence and took the word of a certain Cy-Fair ISD coach (initials RT) about the 1:25. 1:26-high is much more believable.

The things I like about IL swimming are: (1) separate seasons, (2) no club involvement, and (3) qualifying times.

The things I like about Texas are: (1) combined seasons, (2) club involvement (assuming the club coach is not an uncooperative selfish egotistical pompous @$$ or a big stupidhead), and (3) qualifying times and 24 to State.

Wait. Forget #3. We're not that evolved.

What can I say? I'm a complicated man.

Let's hear more!!!

Anonymous said...

Why change any thing, Texas has some of the fastest high school swimmers in the Nation, year after year.

texasrocks said...

you may say texas has some of the fastest high school swimmers but it is a huge state. Calf has many multiple regions that compete as a state meet but they have no true state so more get to swim. The point of this discussion is while texas has many of the fastest swimmers. The fastest swimmers are not the 16 swimming at state.

and which coach is the stupidhead. ROFL

Button said...

since there were errors in 5a call-up list, data is probably off a bit.

if anyone wants to go back over it and give me corrections, i'll make sure they get a big pat on the back...

Deer Slayer said...

Look at the 09 and 10 5A numbers. Very close. I like the regional winner and anyone else under the cut goes to state. That would allow for better coaching and strategy, Go for a difinitive time not a guessing time(wonder what it will take to get picked up this year)

Anonymous said...

A time that would make the top 50 all time list in the girls 100 back does not get called up.

Lion King said...

(In the interest of adding fuel to the fire)

We could -easily- combine "representation" (allowing the Region winners), with QTs that would put a field of the FASTEST 24 swimmers in the state, if we could split the 4A and 5A meets. Otherwise, it's a fustercluck trying to hold both meets with 16 qualifiers in the same pool on the same days. ("We are NOT going to allow A&M to host the state swim meet" did someone once say?).

Yeah, leaving HS All Americans at home -is- a bit stupid, isn't it?

texasrocks said...

and the corollary..... you can make state but not be all-state

Deer Slayer said...

Yes, I remember that quote from mr pe--r --------. That was what he had been told by his supreme lord and leaders upstairs. He had no known ability to do anything other than follow where his nose-ring was pulled. Nothing against Univ of Texas, but can anyone please tell me why our high school programs are run by an organization controlled by one of the state universities???? They swear that no state meet will be held at A&M. The hour and 45minutes is way too far for them to travel away from the mothership, and maintain any contact. Their technology is not updated.

Anonymous said...

The top in each Region + 16 would be better. But if you want to make the +8, need to get focus on that starting in September and not cry about it in February. Heck, it could be worst.

Anonymous said...

Who would in their right mind want to go to A&M? Its way out in the "sticks".

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be nice: illinois state qualifiers