Saturday, March 30, 2019

2019 Clark Wilson Invite Results

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Anyone wanting a copy of the 2019 Clark Wilson Invitational (a.k.a. 4A Mythical State Meet) results? Send me an email and I'll send you a copy!

In Austin for NCAA's?

If you're in Austin today, head over to the swim center and look up Chuck Warner and Dana Abbott.  They, along with some special guests, will be signing their new book, Eddie Reese - Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life.

Look for them just north of the swim center.  Questions?  Send them an email

Not in Austin today?  Paperback comes out next week.  Order your copy here

Down the road, a Kindle version is a possibility.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Results are In!

Bet ya thought I meant D-I men's 800 free relay, right?

Those heats are being swum as I type.

Scroll down a little and you'll find the real time results link.

No, this post is about the results from the New York Post Mueller Madness contest:

Article here

D-I Men's Meet Starts Tonight


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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Proportionality Hurting Women's Swimming?

Yeah, I added the question mark just in case y'all don't believe the causation here.  There's definitely a correlation, but some might disagree with the cause.

Here are the schools without men's swimming programs that placed women's teams in the Top 20 at NCAA's:


13th - Houston
18th - UCLA


12th - Miami




16th - Miami
17th - UCLA






17th - UCLA
20th - Nevada


20th - UCLA




17th - UCLA
19th - Arkansas

In the past ten (10) years, UCLA has cracked the top twenty five (5) times, with their best finish being 17th place.

Miami managed to place as high as 12th in 2011.  Their last appearance in the top twenty was 2013.

I'll let y'all decide if there's a cause/affect when it comes to "dropped" men's programs and women's programs "dropping" in team standings.

I think you'll find more correlation and causation there than here:

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Women's D-I Results

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Stanford won their third straight championship.  Texas was 5th and A&M finished 13th.  SMU finished 48th.

Results at College Swimming here

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Cap 2K Deadline

Register for Austin's Cap 2k today or tomorrow to get the Early Bird discount.

Normal fees apply from Sunday the 24th through Wednesday, April 10th.

Event is Sunday, April 28th.  More info here

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Women's D-I

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Women's NCAA's in Austin kick off tonight with 800 free relays.  Real time results here

Sullivan Award Finalist

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Longhorn Townley Haas is into the finals - for the Sullivan Award.

Cast your vote here

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There are three rules for writing a novel;
unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

D-U-M Dumb!

Tap the brakes!

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Nancy Pelosi claims we should lower the voting age to sixteen.

How in the world can our nanny-state justify such a thing?  The fools running our states (and country) can't come close to figuring out when a young person becomes an adult.

In my opinion, some choices* an "adult" should be able to make include:

a) buying a car/motorcycle,
b) drinking alcohol,
c) using tobacco products,
d) joining the military,
e) quitting school,
f) getting married,
g) getting a tattoo/piercing,
h) voting/running for elected office,
i) opening a bank account,
j) owning property/houses,
k) buying fireworks,
l) legally changing your name,**
m) driving at night, and
n) gambling.

I mean, if you're mature enough to go to college, shouldn't you be able to gamble away your Christmas training per diem?

Some Twitter-ers posted their thoughts on lowering the voting age to sixteen by sharing some of the things they were thinking/doing at that age.

I'll list a few (from here) as written***:

I ate a dog turd on a dare when I was 16

When I was 16 I stapled my arm for 5 bucks...more than once.  Since then I've wisened up and my price gone up to 15.

When I was 16, I sucked a drinking glass to my face for 10 minutes and gave my lower face a giant hickey that took 3 weeks to heal

When I was 16 my friends and I were rolling dice to see who had to put peanut butter on their feet and let the dogs lick it off.
When I was 16 I wore parachute pants

When I was 16 I listened to Lincoln Park and owned a pair of cargo shorts

When I was 16, I drank a cup of popcorn oil for $10.00 and belly flopped off the 3-meter high dive for a soda.

When I was 16 I liked Obama only because "he talks nice and seems cool"

When I was sixteen I made $20 taking a shot of dial handsoap.

When I was 16 I would have given anything to be able to have a tattoo of Axl Rose's face on my butt cheek

When I was 16 I thought jumping off 421 Bridge into the lake was an outstanding idea (it was not)
When I was 16 I drove west for 3000 miles because Jim Morrison said the west is the best.  I'm not sure 18 is old enough to vote.

I was still ding dong ditching people at 16 years old.

When I was 16 me and my friends went into PetSmart and bought a bunch of live mice and then let them loose in Kroger

When I was 16 I pierced my own belly button with a thumbtack and was genuinely surprised when it got infected

At 16 I was still getting grounded

When I was 16 I stuck my bare butt out the bus window on a win a jolly rancher.  Then did it again in front of some parents.  Double or nothing.

When I was 16 I went to the staff parking lot of my high school and rearranged the teachers license plates.

When I was 16 I accidentally set my own hair on fire

When I was 16, I thought Vanilla Ice was an innovator.

When I was 16 my friends and I put nair all over our chests and it gave us chemical burns, then my cousin bit into a chlorine tablet 16 year olds should not be voting


*Not saying they're all good choices

**I'm thinking about making the switch to "Beto"

***If you're looking to waste even more time here, you might be able to find one (1) I threw in from personal experience

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Friday, March 15, 2019

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In science read the newest works;  in literature, the oldest.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Leon & Kari Tie the Knot

Note:  Click on pictures for enlargificationizing!

Went down to the Big Bend for a few days.  Leon got married!

Ceremony was in the St. Agnes Church in Terlingua.  More info here

In case y'all are interested, contact the preacher here

Pretty cool - barn swallows flew around and sang along.

We took over about half the Starlight Theatre for the reception.  Menu included chicken-fried antelope.

Bride and groom had a drink with The Honorable Clay Henry, former mayor of Lajitas.

More on Mayor Henry here

I never actually witnessed Clay Henry “drink” a beer. I did see him slam them, guzzle them and ferociously ingest them at a rate capable of incapacitating a full-grown man in minutes. To see it in person was nothing short of incredible.

Above is a not-so-great picture of some "artwork" at the Starlight.

It didn't have a title, but I'd have called it "Cyclops of the Public Cement Pond" as it was an underwater pool light with a bunch of other crap stuck to it.

Questions, questions, questions...

In 1984, Randy Reese's Florida Gators won their second straight NCAA men's team title - putting him ahead of brother Eddie, 2-1.

Since then, it's been all Eddie (now up 14-2).

Will his guys make it 15-2 this year?

Swimming World scoring projection doesn't look good...but that's just based on psych sheet.  More here

At men's NCAA's in Austin later this month, Chuck Warner and Dana Abbott will be signing their book "EDDIE REESE:  Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life".

Which Longhorn greats will be joining Warner & Abbott?

I'm guessing a few are Olympic medalists who were mentioned in the book...

The college admissions scandal involving coaches is shameful.

We know coaches/programs at many schools are able to use waivers to admit student-athletes that may have missed a deadline, not scored quite high enough in their SAT/ACT, etc.

It's an important tool.

Jackass coaches accepting bribes and using those waivers to help non-athletes gain admission is disgusting.

Will any of them ever be allowed to coach at NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA institutions again?

I sure as heck hope not!

Learn more about the coaches involved here.  I hope this isn't just the tip of the iceberg!

The last question is related to the first two:

Did mom love Eddie, or Randy, best?

Guess y'all will have to read the it here

Sullivan Award

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UT's Townley Haas is up for the AAU James E. Sullivan Award.  Vote here

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get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.

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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Texas Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame Overview from TSDHOF on Vimeo.

Class of 2019 induction April 5.

Inductees are Ricky Berens, Ken Merten, Melissa Briley Mieras, & Pete Payne.

Lifetime Achievement Award to Chuck (posthumous) & Sherel Knesel.

Wally Pryor Distinguished Team Award to The Woodlands Swimming & Diving Team.

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thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.

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Friday, March 01, 2019

Conference Meets

Results for this week's conference meets:




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Perfection is attained by slow degrees;
it requires the hand of time.

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