Saturday, November 08, 2008

Goodell Joins Title IX Reform Movement

Former "Animal Lane" d-man Brian Goodell has joined the Board of Trustees at the Fairness in Sports Foundation.

Goodell was an Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder, and NCAA Champion.

As a member of the UCLA men’s swim team, Goodell has been trying to bring men’s swimming back to UCLA since it was dropped in 1994 - the same year the university eliminated its men’s and women’s gymnastics programs. The school restored women’s gymnastics a few months later; however, it would not reinstate the men’s programs despite the number of Olympic and NCAA champions they produced.

Check out their post on the new swimming complex being built at UCLA here.

While your at it, check out MOMMSS (Moms On a Mission to Save Sports) here.


Anonymous said...

This is crazy.

How can UCLA not have men's swimming?

How much would it cost just to re-establish?

What are the administrative types at UCLA thinking? Or are they?

I thought California is/was the cradle of swimming in this country? Pathetic.

Unknown said...

How can UCLA not have swimming? That is like University of Florida not having Football. Just a stupid decision by stupid people. RE-instate swimming now.