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Results from last weekend's Mesa TYR Pro are here

Stratford HS needs a head coach.  Contact Chad Crowson

First time I met Clark Wilson was at a long course meet in 2010.  Guy walked up to me during warm-up and just started talking away.

Going through my mind was stuff like "Do I know this guy?  Where is Champion Aquatics?  How does he know me?"

From that point on, I looked forward to seeing Clark on deck, or in the stands.  He'd put his arm around you and say something like "Bobby, let me ask you something..." or "Here's what I think about..."  My favorite was "I'd like to get ___ in a room and just kick his ass..." 

Never a dull moment or conversation with that guy!

You'll find very few coaches as loyal to his swimmers as Clark was.  He celebrated when they celebrated.  He hurt when they hurt.  He was absolutely All In.  That's what's so difficult about losing him.  He was larger than life and we'll all remember him as such.

From Saturday's service:

Clear Brook HS and Clear Springs HS need assistant coaches.  Contact Debbie Fuchs

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The 15th Annual Cap2K will be on Sunday, April 29.  Get info and register here

Eastern Michigan's dumping men's swimming...but keeping the women's program.  Yes, we've seen/heard this story before.  The university claims it's a cost-cutting move.  We all know that's bullcorn.  It's a Title IX quota issue.  Want proof it's not a money issue?

Bunsis claims when all the revenue losses and mistakes are accounted for, EMU will actually lose $61,000  a year by cutting the sports.

He says the only way for EMU to save money on sports is to switch the expensive football program from Division 1 to Division 2.

He says EMU spends millions more on the football program than it gets in revenue, and it simply can't afford to compete on coaching salaries with more successful Division 1 programs like the University of Michigan.  Bunsis says he plans to release an analysis of how much EMU could save by switching football to Division 2 within a few weeks. 

Entire article is here

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Hope y'all don't think all my stuff on Title IX is negative.  Three years after posting on the Minnesota-Duluth women's hockey coach non-renewal (read original post here), there's been a positive outcome for Coach Shannon Miller.  From Business Management:

A federal jury hearing a discrimination lawsuit filed against the University of Minnesota Duluth has awarded $3.7 million to Shannon Miller, the university’s former women’s hockey coach.

In December 2014, UMD Chancellor Lendley Black and Athletic Director Josh Berlo called Miller into a meeting and delivered an ultimatum: either retire or resign. When Miller refused to do either, they elected not to renew her contract.

Miller is one of the most successful coaches in NCAA women’s hockey history. She won five national championships during her tenure at the University of Minnesota Duluth and had taken her team to the “Frozen Four” NCAA tournament quarter finals 11 times.

The university offered various reasons why Miller’s contract wasn’t renewed, including the team’s relatively poor performance in recent years. But university officials also said it was purely a monetary decision. (Miller countered that the coach of the men’s team was paid $93,241 more than she earned.)

Miller alleged a more nefarious motive: Bias against women in general and her in particular, as an openly gay woman. The jury agreed.

Glad she dug in her heels and fought back.  The truth was on her side, she was tough, and she didn't give up.

Friendswood HS needs an assistant coach.  Contact Robert Koopmann at 281-996-6554

The Ranch at Stonebridge needs a swim coach

In case you're desperate, the City of Stephenville is paying $7.50-$8.50 per hour for a swim coach

Cross Timbers YMCA needs a swim coach

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