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It's Impossible... truly catch up,but here's my feeble attempt...

Met Frank Jr. when I was teaching/coaching at Wharton HS.  Had his step-daughter in class.  Great guy.  He passed on the 16th.

Read How Frank Sinatra, Jr. became a Texan-in-Law here


Northside ISD needs a swim/polo coach.  Contact Scott Zollinski at 210-397-8988

Battleground Area Swim Team needs assistant coaches.  Contact Chris Moralez

South Shore Sails needs a part time age group coach.  Contact Barbie Morris

Dallas Country Club needs an assistant coach

Hackberry Creek Country Club needs an aquatics manager

Bridgeland Barracudas Swim Team needs an assistant swim coach

YMCA of Austin needs an aquatics coordinator

The City of Georgetown needs an aquatic specialist

The City of Bryan needs a swim coach

The City of Big Spring needs both an aquatic center manager and an assistant

The YMCA of Greater San Antonio needs a senior aquatics director

Brook Hollow Golf Club needs a swim coach

The Twin Lakes YMCA needs an aquatics program coordinator

Northpark YMCA needs a youth development director (sports & aquatics)

The City of Richardson needs an aquatics and athletics manager

The City of McKinney needs an aquatics specialist

The City of Stafford needs both a pool manager & assistant

Tompkins HS needs an assistant coach.  Contact Mark Grisdale

Morton Ranch HS needs an assistant coach. Contact Megan Doby

Smithson Valley HS needs an assistant coach.  Contact Larry Hill

Lewisville HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Tim Ford

Harker Heights HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Jerry Edwards

Coppell HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Joe McBride

Stony Point HS needs a swim coach.  Contact Craig Chessher at 512-428-7202

Taylor HS (Alief) needs a swim coach.  Contact Brian Randle at 281-988-3500 or 281-988-3909

Alief ISD needs a diving coach.  Contact David Martel at 281-988-3700

Bryan ISD needs a swim coach.  Contact Lance Angel at 979-209-7998

Lovejoy HS needs an assistant coach.  Contact Matt Franks

Space City Aquatic Team needs assistant coaches

Cedar Park Swimming needs assistant coaches


NCAA D-I Men (Texas 1st, A&M 25th)

NCAA D-I Women (A&M 4th, Texas 15th, SMU 40th)


NCAA D-III (M&W) (Trinity women 17th)

NAIA (M&W) (Wayland Baptist women 10th, men 6th)


NCSA Junior Nationals (Magnolia women 5th)

TAGS (Nitro combined champions)

TAGS Time Trials


Weber-Gale conducting El Campo clinic (via Victoria Advocate)

Garrett Weber-Gale has joined the Nitro staff in Austin.  Read more here

“My goal is to be a steady, positive force in these young athletes lives, and share with them some of the guidance that I’ve learned from my coaches; Eddie & Randy Reese, Kris Kubik, and Dwight Davis, and my expertise as a successful Olympic athlete. I am excited to work with the athletes and help them find ways to improve as swimmers and as individuals.”

Obviously a great hire for Nitro.

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An article on Russell Wilson's swim training was posted back in December.  Read it here

Wilson revealed that one aspect of his in-season conditioning program that he thinks helps his recovery from the punishment of a game is swimming.

Wilson said he swims three times a week or so, trying to do about 30 laps each time.

“I get up early in the mornings and I swim,’’ he said. “It’s one of the first things I do. It helps a lot.’’

Katy HS football figured this out a long time ago.  Hasn't hurt their program, has it?

Factual Feminist host Christina Hoff Sommers explained the cost of Title IX:

Note that this year's highest placing D-I school sponsoring swimming for women only was UCLA (17th).  Women swimmers in total programs - men & women - are much more successful than in women-only programs.

Swimming World posted The Sport of Swimming is Valuable - Here's Why back in January.

When prominent schools like the University of Maryland or Clemson University decide to discontinue their swimming programs in favor of funding sports such as football or basketball, they are not only telling swimmers everywhere that swimming as a sport doesn’t matter as much as others, they also decidedly cut the positive influence of swimming locally. The number of swimmers shrinks, clubs go under, pools go unused, college swimmers lose an opportunity to coach in their hometowns, and fewer swimming lessons are given. The link between colleges and clubs is fragile and so, so important to the future of this sport.

Nitro's Jason Cochran was selected as a manager on USA Swimming's 2015 National Diversity Select Camp staff.  Several Texas swimmers were selected.  Athlete roster is here

Great post by Seth GodinOn saying "no"

The short run always seems urgent, and a moment where compromise feels appropriate. But in the long run, it's the good 'no's that we remember.

Watched The Barkley Marathons:  The Race That Eats Its Young a couple of days ago.  Highly recommend it!  Here's the trailer:

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Race info for the 14th annual Cap2k is here

TISCA All State teams (6A, 5A, & Private School) are here

Theron Pickle Memorial Scholarship info is here.  Application is here

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