Sunday, April 01, 2018


via Swimming World

The Sam Busch "era" lasted about six (6) months:

Texas Christian University needs a head coach

Elite (Dallas) needs an assistant.  Contact Kameron Kennedy

Battleground (Deer Park) needs an assistant coach

Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy needs a strength & conditioning coach

The Waxahachie YMCA needs both a swim coach and an aquatics coordinator

The City of Midland needs a pool manager

Texas Ford Aquatics needs a learn to swim coach

Forney ISD needs an assistant coach.  Contact Jason Thompson

Fort Bend Christian Academy needs a head coach.  Contact David Roberts at 281-263-9161

Uvalde HS needs a head coach.  Contact RT Gonzales at 830-275-6264

Northbrook HS needs a head coach. Contact Jeff Sciba at 713-251-2821

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