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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Wielgus Withdraws

The battle over ISHOF Class of 2014 inductee Chuck Wielgus is over.

The firestorm over Chuck's handling of sexual abuse cases led to his withdrawal.

From SCAQ blog:

More from Swimming World here.

"After significant reflection and discussion, International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) Chairwoman Donna deVarona and President/CEO Bruce Wigo, and USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus jointly announce that Mr. Wielgus' name will be withdrawn from consideration of the Hall of Fame," ISHOF released in a statement to Swimming World.


  • At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Lion King said…

    Good decision. Too much has been hushed up, swept under rug, or shrugged off. More heads need to roll. May have done good things, but the abuse scandal trumps everything. Do what's right and deal with it accordingly.

    Such a stain on our sport. And we're not alone, are we? Take action in other sports, too!

  • At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Kevin Murphy said…

    In many ways, the inaction by the USA Swimming Leadership over the years resembles the inaction by the Catholic Church in the same arena and timeframe.

    Not only the sad fact that these young people have been harmed, but the selfish actions of these abusive coaches and questionable administrators, has also put our entire sport and our past, current, and future coaches in a very poor light. I, personally, resent that myself, and my fellow swim coaches, have to be associated with those that have done harm to any of our swimmers.
    It is not just one, but seemly many, that have stepped over the line and made ALL OF US, look bad (as swim coaches).

    I was raised Catholic and now our Catholic Priests, even the very best ones, are not held in the same high regard, as they once were.

    I am sure the publicity will drive some parents to move their kids out of swimming, and we will lose future swimmers due to the decision of parents to put their trust in other sports and programs.

    The shame is on the proven abusive coaches and the administrators that looked the other way, "to protect the sport". They did all of us a tremendous disservice and should all be held accountable to clean the slate and give us back our collective reputations as safe builders and mentors of our young swimmers.

    Everyone knows what happened at Penn State, and ALL the coaches and administrators did much the same thing (looked the other way or swept it under the rug to "protect" Penn State and the Penn State Football Program") ALL of them lost their jobs and their reputations in an effort to mask what was really going on.

    The lawyers are not done yet!!

    I am confident that the greater transparency that is given to this subject, the greater will be the oversight on all of our swim coaches and the greater will be the deterrent for other coaches to abuse any of our swimmers.

    Kudos to those that have stood up and called the abusive coaches and the USA Leadership to task for their actions and lack of action, respectively.

    "Where good men stay silent, injustice thrives".

    Kevin Murphy
    Head Swim Coach
    Southlake Carroll HS


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